Our office now does the addressing for the non-incorporated parts of Cherokee county. We also make maps of all kinds, including but not limited to school districts, property ownership ( by townships, quadrants, or the entire county), aerials etc. We can also usually custom make any map that you want. Look further in the maps on the right for some samples.

Map sizes range from 8x11 up to 42 inches wide. Prices vary according to size and also if aerials are used.


Cherokee County



NE Quadrant



To view property characteristics and values for all real property in Cherokee County: Real Estate Search  (User: public - Password: public)

To file on-line Personal Property Renditions: On-line Personal Property Filing

Important Dates

Jan 1

Renditions mailed to Personal Property owners who are registered with County Appraiser's Office

Mar 1

Change of Value Notices for Real Property mailed

Mar 15

Deadline for filing Personal Property renditions

Apr 1

Deadline for filing Informal Real Property Value / Classification Appeal

May 1

Notices of Appraised Value mailed to personal property owners indicating current year appraised value

May 15

Deadline to appeal current year Personal Property value and real property informal conferences end.